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Ask an RD!

1. Q: Do school nutritionists get summers off since students are also out for the summer?


    A: Not usually, especially if they are in the central office working as a manager. During the summer, we are updating the next year's                     school lunch menus.


2. Q: Do all school districts have a Registered Dietitian working for them?


     A: No, but they should!


3. Q: What is the starting salary for a school nutritionist?


     A: It depends on the position, where you are located, and the size of the district.


4. Q: What are the most important skills the hiring manager is looking for when hiring a school nutritionist?


     A: Knowledge in the basics of school foodservice (see page on "Information & Resources"), especially the regulations regarding menu                  planning and meal patterns for the National School Lunch Program.


5. Q: What is the typical career path for a Registered Dietititian in school foodservice?


     A: Dietitians usually start out as a manager in an area of the school nutrition department, such as with Head Start or nutrition education,            or in menu planning and nutrient analysis.


6. Q: What is a good job to start off with when beginning a career in school foodservice?

     A: One of the best ways to obtain excellent training is to get a job with the state Department of Education, Nutrition Services Division as              an auditor.


7. Q: What are the various jobs a Registered Dietitian performs within a school district?


     A:  Registered Dietitians usually work within three areas- Director of Nutrition Services, menu planning and analysis, or nutrition                            education in the classroom.

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